New York Flower Show Celebrates 'Remarkable Women'

Published:Nov 23, 202308:47
New York Flower Show Celebrates 'Remarkable Women'

Hundreds of flowers in good hues of pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow greeted guests at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards in New York Metropolis for the Fleurs de Villes FEMMES floral present.

“We’re so thrilled to be back here for our third show at Hudson Yards. And we’re bringing our FEMME show, which is a celebration of remarkable women,” stated Tina Barkley, co-founder of Fleurs de Villes. “So you’ll see everyone from the queen to J. Lo to Bella Abzug to Serena Williams to Billie Holiday, Chita Rivera.”

Barkley stated the floral expertise that goes into every show of those iconic girls’s mannequins wearing flowers has been designed and constructed by an area New York florist.

Sixteen mannequins standing over 10 toes tall are coated in hydrangeas, child’s breath, violets and more.

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Proprietor of Polycarp Flowers and floral designer Daica Skrobala stated over 700 flowers have been used to adorn her Fanny Brice flower set up.

“We decided to do the marquee and on the other side, ‘Hello gorgeous,’ which is Fanny Brice’s tagline,” she stated. “We had the Playbill on the base and we hope that all the different textures and the designs will really attract people to take a look, deeper.”

Skrobala stated her staff used their creativeness in making the design come to life.

“We used a lot of botanicals, fresh florals in the skirt, roses, carnations, spray roses,” she stated. “We have orchids in there because it gives it a different texture and it doesn’t look so flat if it was just all roses.”

Barkley stated each main life second is well known with flowers, completely happy or unhappy.

“It doesn’t matter your income level, where you come from, what language you speak. Flowers transcend all of that.”

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