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To ensure accuracy, Socialy Trend collaborates closely with certified experts and employs a rigorous editing and fact-checking process before publishing any content. We routinely fact-check and review our published material to maintain its accuracy, fairness, and currency.

Besides seeking advice and analysis from trusted health, entertainment, games, beauty, and home experts, we also count on the knowledge of our in-house team, which includes engineers, analysts, nutritionists, and product specialists at Socialy Trend


SociallyTrend.com participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to retailer sites. However, every product featured on SociallyTrend.com is independently researched, tested or editor-approved. We always put the consumer first and recommend only products that we stand behind. The merchandise featured on our site is always driven by editorial and product-testing standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships.


Though Socialy Keeda is supported in part by advertising, our content is produced independently and held to rigorous standards of quality, accuracy and integrity. In some cases, sponsors may be allowed input regarding broad concepts, but they hold no material influence over the end product. Content created in partnership with advertisers is clearly marked as such.


We take our trusted relationship with our readers seriously and therefore maintain a strict privacy policy.


The Socialy Trend offices and the Socialy Trends Institute are located at 09 Ward, Mundru, Sikar, Rajasthan. IN 332712 . You can email us at hello@sociallytrend.com. If you're interested in subscribing or signing up for our newsletter or you have a question about your subscription, visit our Contact Us page to get in touch and learn more.

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