Watch Galtiyan Prime Play Web Series (2024) Episodes, Cast, Release Date - Download Links Online

Published:Feb 5, 202409:35
Updated on:Feb 7, 2024
Watch Galtiyan Prime Play Web Series (2024) Episodes, Cast, Release Date - Download Links Online

Latest long time awaiting web series Galtiyan has recently released on Primeplay app. This is love drama web series where everyone is seeking oneself love. This is the web series in which love changes in lust and lust changes in cry. Galtiyan web series has released on 02 February 2024 on official Primeplay sites and app. As the leading cast in the web series is playing role Priyanka Chourasia, Jonita D’cruz and Priya Ray that are well known web series actress. Galtiyan web series is now available in both Hindi and Tamil language also. Besides it there are many web series of Priyanka Chourasia that recently released like as Anju or Manju, Adla Badli, Mandakini, Goll Gappe, Antarvasana, Hello Doctor, Plangtod Sasur, Kunawari Cheekh that also fully of romance that also can be seen with fully feeling mood. 

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Galtiyan Web Series Cast, Release Date, Actress, Detail

Web Series Name Galtiyan
Release Date 02 February 2023
Cast Priyanka Chourasia, Jonita D’cruz, Priya Ray
Genre Erotic, Drama
Language Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri
Run Time 28 Minutes
Country India
Ott Platform Primeplay

Galtiyan Web Series Episode 1, 2 Storyline, Action, Theme

Galtiyan Web Series Episode 1, 2 Storyline, Action, Theme

The story of the web series revolves around a village person whose personality is very superb. He is a fitness personality so every girls want to seek his attraction towards him. Story starts when a girl comes during exercise and want to take some strange exercise tips from him. This is strange circumstance that is heard by his wife and wife scold the Manoj saying no provide training her. In the second part of web series starts when a unmarried boy want to seek a girl, and girl comes in her dream and he fulfills her physical body necessity from this girl. So what will happen when truth will disclose between husband and wife and how Manoj will handle both wife and her trainee is the crux of the web series. 

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Komal Ruthala latest Primeplay web series Shilpa ka Shikar is fully of romance and erotic. The story of the web series revolves a family and it's servant where family master debated his servent because servant affairs with her master's wife. It is the story when master wife takes some advantages from her servant but this secret open in front of master then circumstances fully change. So watch full web series on Primeplay official app. 

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Chaalbaaz latest web series of Ritika Surya who is famous web series actress and famous her hot naked web series roles. Story of web series revolves around a father and his son where father is killed by his son. Now father want to take revenge as a ghost to his son's wife. So how wife will handle whole night his father in law ghost is the crux of the web series. 

Download Plangtod Pehredaar Primeplay Web Series all Episodes

Komal Ruthala, Priya Gamre, Annu Morya, Rani Pari and Neha Gupta's all web series actress now are playing role in famous web series Pehredaar. This is hot web series in which a guard satisfies four women hot feelings and thirst. They want to seek a person who fully satisfy their lust and guard take revenge her Charmsukh with these women lust. So watch full web series on Primeplay official. 

Watch Online Kunwari Cheekh Primeplay Web Series Online

Ritika Surya, Ritu Rai, Pihu Singh latest web series Kunawari Cheekh is now streaming on Primeplay web series. This web series story revolves around a unmarried girl and her village Sarpanch where girls falls in the love of Sarpanch and want to marriage with Sarpanch. But her father refuses to do so because she is very small in age. Finally girl marriages with Sarpanch but what will happen on golden night is the crux of web series. 

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Shyna Khatri, Annu Moraya and Sweta Yadav latest web series Vasheekaran story revolves around a new married husband and wife. But circumstances goes wrong when wife is subdue by a monk. So what happen when monk will take some advantage his wife with his control, is the theme of web series. 

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