Far Cry 6 launch date, trailers, {news} and rumors

Published:Nov 22, 202322:57
Updated on:Mar 16, 2024
Far Cry 6 launch date, trailers, {news} and rumors

Far Cry 6, the following instalment in Ubisoft's widespread Far Cry {series}, is because of land on consoles and PC this October.

In a critical departure from the agricultural America setting of Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6 will take us to a "tropical paradise frozen in time" referred to as Yara. Yara is managed by dictator Anton Castillo (performed by Breaking Unhealthy's Giancarlo Esposito), who goals to revive the island paradise to glory with assist from his son, Diego - by means of any means obligatory. Nevertheless, a revolution is going down in Yara which goals to take down Castillo. Gamers will step into the sneakers of protagonist Dani, who's revolutionist taking the battle towards Castillo's regime. 

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