What Types of Treatments Do Kids Dentists Provide?

Published:Nov 23, 202300:06
What Types of Treatments Do Kids Dentists Provide?

Like adults, kids also need dentistry treatment to maintain oral hygiene and healthier smiles. However, some parents think that the kids do not require the treatment as their primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth; the problem will go away. 

But in reality, the problems may become severe if you don't treat them at the right time. Moreover, kids are more prone to the teeth cavity as they are fond of junk food, creating teeth problems. So, you must visit the children’s dentist Aurora Co, to take specific treatment. 

What is a Pediatric Dentist? 

A pediatric dentist's specialization is treating the dental problem of kids and adolescents. They have special training in handling the kids and provide them preventive treatment, early diagnosis, and maintain the health of the oral cavity of the kids. 

Aurora children's dentistry also helps in building healthy eating habits and establishing lifelong oral habits. But, more than that, the pediatric dentist also provides a variety of treatments which are as follows: 

Types of Treatments Offered by the Pediatric Dentists 

Here are some possible treatments offered by the kid’s dentistry. 

Primary Teeth Cleaning 

Kids are not able to maintain oral hygiene by themselves. So, it is mandatory to take your children to a kids’ dentist in Aurora for regular cleaning. It is difficult to clean the plaque formed on kids' teeth only by brushing at home and flossing. There are chances that the plaque will stick between the teeth spaces, which can cause disease. 

But the kids’ dentist uses specialized tools that help remove plaque from the teeth and prevent diseases. Moreover, the pediatric dentist also takes care that their teeth don't get harmed with the flossing. 

Fluoride Treatment for Kids 

Fluoride treatment is helpful for the kids as it helps in keeping the teeth strong and improves the strength. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the strength of the teeth' enamel. So, a children's dentist also provides fluoride treatment for the kids. 

The treatment is also helpful to prevent bacterial inhibition and combat the acids produced between the teeth spaces. Strong teeth can be further beneficial to avoid decay issues in kids. 

Dental Sealants 

Dental sealants are made from a translucent plastic material spread on the teeth of the kids by the pediatric dentist. These sealants fix on the teeth' enamel or the chewing surface of the kid’s teeth. The sealants are helpful to prevent cavities issues and plaque formation on the teeth. 

Usually, a pediatric dentist applies these kinds of sealants to the molar teeth of the patients who have deep ridges issues on the chewing surface of the teeth. 

Gums Bleeding and Gum Diseases Treatment 

Kids usually develop gum disease due to poor oral hygiene maintenance, bad eating habits, and sugar drinks. The gum diseases such as gingivitis can further lead to gum bleeding, affecting the teeth if they remain untreated for a longer time. 

Pediatric treatment also provides the primary treatment to treat gum diseases. Moreover, the dentists also provide treatment to treat gum bleedings. 

Braces Treatment 

There is a misconception in the parent's mind that the kids do not need braces because they have primary teeth. When the primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth, then the teeth' spaces and alignment will be corrected. However, this doesn't seem right because the condition may worsen, and then it would be difficult to correct the teeth alignment when the primary teeth are replaced with permanent ones. 

This is why the pediatric dentist also provides braces treatment to correct the spaces between the teeth. 

Moreover, they will also provide regular cleaning to ensure that the teeth will be corrected without any discomfort. Along with this, they also provide space maintainers, which is a form of tool that helps in reducing the space between the teeth. 

Mouth Guards 

Most pediatric dentists provide mouth guards. The mouth guard is a protective device that suits the child's needs and protects them from accidental injuries. Mouthguards also help to protect the gum's wounds while playing games. 


So, these are some of the common treatments offered by the pediatric dentist that help to maintain healthy smiles and improve oral health. Along with this, the kid's dentistry also diagnoses the cavities, disease, and tooth decay issues and gives proper treatment to improve oral health.

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