Watch Manto Remix Nuefliks Web Series Online in HD

Published:Feb 15, 202410:05
Updated on:Feb 22, 2024
Watch Manto Remix Nuefliks Web Series Online in HD

Latest Hot web series Manto Remix is the romantic web series of Nuefliks entertainment app. This web series story starts from a girl and a man relationship in which girl faces many physical hurt by her boyfriend. This web series has released on Nuefliks official and as the prime cast Pooja Rajpoot is playing role as leading cast. Besides it there are many web series like as Photoshoot, Sampark, Show Le, Nurse Chulbuli, Habbit Bakshish, Roleplay, Sarla Bhabhi, Tsunami Game, Madam ka Jhatka, Fashion Trends, Lesbians, Paabandi that can also visit on official app Nuefliks. 

Stream Online Mento Remix Nuefliks Web Series

Manto Remix Web Series Release Date, Cast, Actress

Web Series Name Mento Remix
Release Date 09 February 2020
Cast Pooja Rajpoot
Genre Romance, Drama
Language Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri
Run Time 28 Minutes
Country India
Ott Platform Nuefliks

Mento Remix Nuefliks Episodes, Storyline Watch Now

The story of this fantastic web series revolves around ‘Frigid Woman’ talks about a very common thing which happens between a husband and a wife. One lovely night man wants to make love with his wife but she is in some another world and rejects his proposal and meantime the conversation between the two makes you giggle many a time. The second story ‘Man & Wife’ is a coincidentally shocking, where the newly wedded wife boasts a lot about her hubby to her friend who hates men. She insists her friend to agree marrying her brother-in-law. This makes the friend to get a soft corner for a man but unintentionally she falls prey to a wrong man. The third story ‘Love & Marriage’ has a very dramatic turn at the end. The man who was fond of body beauty ends up praising the real beauty of heart. And finally, the fourth one ‘Frigid Man’ is a story of man’s guilt for a sin he committed in the family.

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Online Stream Photoshoot Nuefliks Web Series Now

Photoshoot is the Nuefliks Web Series in which a teen girl want to make her career in modelling and fashion world but circumstances goes adverse when she faces many demands by her producer. Producer want to spend some nights show with her that is problem with girl. So how she will handle the situations is the crux of the web series. So watch full web series on official app Nuefliks. 

Download Sampark Nuefliks Web Series (2023) Stream Online

Sampark is the latest web series of a rural family where a wife seeks her husband love but her husband and her love chemistry does not match with each other. So to mitigate her thirst with each other she want to seek her brother in law love that is so strict and behave her with brutly. So this love changes in the lust is the crux of the web series. So watch full web series on official app Nuefliks. 

Watch Show Le Nuefliks Web Series all Episodes

Poonam Rathore latest web series Show Le is the story of a bar dancer and a man who always goes in bar to drink. In the bar he falls in the love of a dancer girl that is not interested in him but financial circumstance force him to do some strange things that is very cruel for him. So what will happen when she meet with each other and how she will handle this cruel man that will change her love in his lust is the crux of web series. 

Watch Plangtod Chulbuli Nuefliks Web Series Online

Chulbuli Nurse is the latest web series of Kanna Rajavi, the story of the web series revolves around a nurse who works in a lust hospital. She is innocent and not aware about the hospitals rules and regulations. She is not interested in hospital but her Nursing Superident always want to seek her love. So finally she agrees to do somethin strange with her NS, that is the crux of the web series. 

Watch Madam Ka Jhatka Nuefliks Web Series Online

Madam Ka Jhatka is the latest web series of Nuefliks world where all persons are excited to watch a village dancer girl who entertains people her sizzling dance at night. One night she traps when Village Owner and his friends calls her for dance and where she traps in the critical zone. She is fully mentally harrasment and finally agree to do bear all demands of her Village owner. So what will happen then night is the crux of the web series. 

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