Venugopal Iyer telling his full name

Published:Nov 23, 202310:58
Venugopal Iyer telling his full name

Venugopal Iyer telling his full identify refers to a well-liked meme template that originated from the automotive carry scene from the 2007 Bollywood film Dhamaal the place Mr. Prabhakarna Sripalawardhana Atapattu Jayasuriya Laxmansriramkrishna Shivavenkata Rajasekara Sriniwasana Trichipalli Yekya Parampeel Parambatur Chinnaswami Muthuswami Venugopal Iyer provides Arshad Warsi (Adi) and Javed Jaffrey (Manav) a carry and begins telling his lengthy identify.
Swami Telling His Long Name Dhamaal meme template
Venugopal Iyer Telling His Full Name Meme Template
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