Using Hair Dryer Frequently During Winter? Tips To Minimise Damage

Published:Nov 23, 202308:57
Using Hair Dryer Frequently During Winter? Tips To Minimise Damage

Winters are here, and so is the necessity for utilizing a number of heating merchandise. From geysers, and heating pads to hair dryers, individuals use a wide range of merchandise in winter to both hold themselves heat or assist dry issues sooner because the summer season warmth isn’t obtainable to do the identical.

Hair dryers, due to this fact, grow to be an enormous necessity for individuals — particularly ladies, as drying their hair turns into a time-consuming process in any other case. Nevertheless, individuals who use hair dryers ceaselessly in winter want to remain cautious of the truth that it could result in the hair and scalp shedding all their moisture.

Listed here are some suggestions to remember if you happen to ceaselessly use your hair dryer, to stop hair injury:

Use hair dryer from a distance:

Be sure that your hair dryer is at a long way out of your scalp and hair in order that the injury to your hair from frequent utilization could be minimised. Using a hair dryer from an in depth distance can dry out your scalp and result in hair fall. The optimum distance at which the hair dryer will do its work and trigger the least injury is 6-9 inches.

Try hair serum:

Use hair serum after drying your hair with a hair dryer. It will assist hold the moisture of your hair and scalp intact even after frequent use of a hair dryer. You can even use hair serum earlier than utilizing a hair dryer because the quoting of the serum will cut back hair injury because of warmth.

Apply hair conditioner:

Conditioner helps in restoring the nourishment of your hair and protects it from the dryer’s warmth. Along with this, the conditioner additionally helps you obtain smooth, shiny and silky hair. Conditioners assist you to preserve the general high quality of your hair in winter.

Know your hair sort:

Earlier than utilizing a hair dryer, an individual must know their hair sort. Set the temperature as per your hair sort. For instance, excessive temperatures can injury your hair simply in case you have straight hair. Curly hairs take more time to dry, and due to this fact utilizing hair dryers at excessive temperatures won't trigger as a lot injury.

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