Tohfa Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Release Date, Story, Watch Online

Published:Nov 22, 202322:38

Tohfa Part 1 Web Series is released today on the Ullu App. Ullu app continues to captivate audiences with its bold and enticing web series, exclusively on its official Ullu app. This new web series delves into the intriguing story of a stranger who arrives at a household bearing a gift and explores how the women of the family try to entice him.

Tohfa Part 1 web series has been released by the Ullu app and Part 1 comprises four episodes, each running for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. The web series boasts a talented cast including Shyna Khatri, Pihu Singh, Leena Singh, and Tarakesh Chauhan, who play pivotal roles in the series.

Ullu app has been enjoying tremendous success with its diverse range of web series, garnering a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates each new release every Friday. The latest addition to their repertoire is the Tohfa Part 1 web series released on 13 June 2023 and Part 2 will be released next week.

Tohfa Part 1 Web Series

Tohfa Web Series Cast

  • Shyna Khatri as Renu
  • Leena Singh as Vidhi
  • Rishabh Srivastav as Montu
  • Tarakesh Chauhan as Keshavlal
  • Basant Kumar Thapa as Amiya
  • Pihu Singh as Neha
  • Madhuri Pandey as Reema
  • Sohail Shaikh as Rahul

Tohfa Web Series Story

The first episode of “Tohfa Part 1” web series introduces the main characters and establishes the basic plot. The story revolves around two friends, with one of them sending a gift to his family through the other. This gift captures the attention of the women in the household, including Leena Singh and Shyna Khatri.

Episode 2 of “Tohfa Part 1” focuses on Pihu Singh’s character and her journey within the series. As the man returns to the village, Pihu’s character finds herself promised to him in marriage. However, her fate and the outcome of this promise will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

“Tohfa Part 1” places significant emphasis on the desires of Shyna Khatri and Leena Singh’s characters, as they navigate their newfound attraction towards the mysterious man who has entered their home. Additionally, Pihu Singh’s character plays a prominent role in the web series. However, despite the initial presence of Pihu in the opening episode, she appears less frequently in the subsequent episodes of the “Tohfa” series.

Tohfa Part 1 Web Series Watch Online

Episode 3 of “Tohfa Part 1” introduces an intriguing twist, as Tarakesh Chauhan’s character attempts to spy on Shyna Khatri’s character. The series also showcases Leena Singh’s exceptional acting skills. The highly anticipated “Tohfa Part 2” web series is set to release the following Friday, promising an exciting climax featuring the captivating performances of Shyna Khatri and Tarakesh Chauhan.

With its enticing storyline and a talented ensemble cast, “Tohfa Part 1” on the Ullu app is sure to keep viewers hooked. The web series explores themes of desire, secrets, and the consequences of one’s actions, making it a must-watch for fans of bold and engaging content. Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes of “Tohfa Part 1” and immerse yourself in the


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