Theme, History, Significance and Quotes to Share

Published:Nov 23, 202308:45
Theme, History, Significance and Quotes to Share

WORLD HABITAT DAY 2022: The United Nations observes the primary Monday of October as World Habitat Day. The day calls to mirror on our cities, cities, and the essential proper of all to have ample shelter. It serves as a reminder that we will {shape} the way forward for the place we dwell in. The day got here into existence with a decision by the UN Normal Meeting in 1985. This yr, World Habitat Day will likely be noticed on October 3. Here’s every little thing it's essential to know:

World Habitat Day 2022: Theme

This yr’s theme is “Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind”. The main target is on the rising inequalities and challenges in cities and human settlements. These are the issues which have been aggravated as a consequence of what the UN calls triple Cs: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Local weather, and Disaster. These triple Cs have hampered the progress made towards poverty. The UN calls tackling city poverty and inequality an “urgent global priority”. They've known as for native actions towards Sustainable Improvement Targets.

World Habitat Day: History

As city cities continued to develop and quickly turn out to be financial centres, insufficient planning and lack of sources caused main issues. In response to this, in 1985, the United Nations Normal Meeting handed a decision to look at World Habitat Day. It was to be noticed on the primary Monday of October yearly.

First celebrated in 1986, Nairobi was the host metropolis. The theme was “Shelter is My Right”.

In 1989, the UN Human Settlements Programme launched “The Habitat Scroll of Honour award”. It's the most prestigious human settlement award on this planet. The intention is to acknowledge excellent contributions in the direction of shelter provision, bringing the hardships of being homeless to mild, management in post-conflict reconstruction, and growing and enhancing the standard of city life and human settlement.

World Habitat Day: Significance

World Habitat Day is noticed to advocate the essential proper to shelter. Each particular person on this planet deserves an excellent dwelling. As a result of a good residing situation is a stepping stone to success and alternatives. The day additionally helps deliver to mild the necessity for conserving a examine on the environment as a consequence of ongoing urbanization. To create a world our future generations will likely be happy with residing in.

World Habitat Day 2022: Quotes

  1. “Housing is a human right. There can be no fairness or justice in a society in which some live in homelessness, or in the shadow of that risk, while others cannot even imagine it.” ― Jordan Flaherty, Floodlines: Group and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six
  2. “Whether or not it has fully dawned on society, the reality is that Gen Y will soon have to assume the responsibility for a world crafted by previous generations.” ― Charlie Caruso, Understanding Y
  3. “Do not despair, my friend. Today is theirs, but the future is ours.” ― Rodman Philbrick, The Final E book within the Universe
  4. “Poverty has many dimensions, but its causes include unemployment, social exclusion, and high vulnerability of certain populations to disasters, diseases and other phenomena which prevent them from being productive.” ― Oscar Auliq-Ice
  5. “A healthy, sane and sustainable society is where the state is responsible to support the people, but not to such an extent that the people become reliant on the state, and where the people are capable of taking care of themselves with minimum support from the state.” ― Abhijit Naskar, No Foreigner Solely Household

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