Rukmini Maitra Spills Beans On Her Durga Puja Plans, Says I Feel Like A Kid In A Candy Store| Exclusive

Published:Nov 23, 202308:44
Rukmini Maitra Spills Beans On Her Durga Puja Plans, Says I Feel Like A Kid In A Candy Store| Exclusive

Rukmini Maitra may need made her stellar Bollywood debut simply final 12 months reverse Vidyut Jamwal in Sanak, however she is certainly one of many busiest actors within the Bengali movie business. Between movie shoots, advert campaigns and photoshoots it is rather troublesome to get ahold of her as a result of she is continually on the transfer, however maybe it's for a similar purpose that she says “Pujas means prioritising quality time with my family because that is what I crave for throughout the year, as I’m so busy travelling most of the time for work” when {asked} what Durga Pujas imply to her.

Speaking about her fondest Puja recollections rising up, she mentions, “Not just for me but I think for most Bengalis, taking a huge car out for pandal hopping is a memory worth holding on to, it is such a big car that you have half your family packed into it to the extent that if anyone who is a spectator would think, How is this even happening? It’s like Pandora’s box.”

Rukmini additional added, “Another fond memory for me is finding candy floss at every nook and corner of the city. I cannot resist candy floss and I literally feel like the entire city is my candy shop during Pujas. Kolkata is so decked up during that time that I feel like a kid in a candy store who has so many options to choose from.”

Rising up Rukmini too was a type of youngsters who cherished distributing bhog, and he or she misses that dearly as a result of she doesn't get to do this anymore. However that doesn't imply that she misses out on indulging in some good outdated ‘Bhog-er-khichuri’ herself.

“I love the Khichuri that you get as bhog, it is sweet and so flavourful and no matter how much one tries they can never replicate that kind of a Khichuri. I think it does have a lot to do with the kind of emotions that are attached to it,” says the Sanak star.

The actor by no means obtained her truthful probability at what could be very popularly often known as ‘Pujo-r Prem’ to each single Bengali on the planet, and he or she confirms this by saying “Sadly, this is something which has never been ticked off my checklist owing to my brother, who has always been extremely protective slash possessive about his baby sister. So whenever I would step out to a Pandal he used to make sure that not only he but also his friends there were providing as my bodyguards.”

Like another quintessential ‘Bangali’ it's necessary for Rukmini to participate within the Ashtami ‘anjali’/ aarti- “Just to be there during the early morning Ashtami aarti is an emotion to me that is beyond anything else, it is ingrained in our system so well that just by reflex I will wear a red and white saree with a small bindi and quickly go down to be a part of it, no matter how tired I am.”

Rukstar as most of her followers likes to seek advice from her as, loves to make use of Pujas as a break from every thing else and that's primarily why she loves choosing virtually no-makeup seems throughout all 5 days.

Speaking to NW18 completely about what her trend assertion this 12 months goes to be all about, she mentions, “As a result of I've to be repeatedly decked up all year long, I Try taking a break from all of that in Pujas. My mom makes certain that I've my 5 units of clothes. Pujas is all about being very bengali. So I've my saris I've a few straightforward peasy Kurtis. I’m not a lot of a salwaar particular person, so I keep away from that on an entire.

“Unless and until I have to go for an appearance or something of that sort, I try to stay away from makeup as much as I can during the festivities. I keep it absolutely makeup free because I do enjoy it that way p and I feel very confident without makeup. I genuinely do. Plus, I think there is this thing with Bengali girls, I feel you know we are blessed with beautiful hair and skin so we do not need to give an extra effort,” she added.


Rukmini has quite a lot of issues brewing post-Durga Pujas, for starters she shares that she resolves to “Get back to getting fitter and hit the gym more frequently.” She can even be seen enjoying the enduring position of Binodini Dasi and desires to start out prepping for that by way of workshops and coaching workshops, plus Rukmini has been praised a lot only for the poster launch that the strain is far more intense than it was before-

“Binodini Dasi was known as the Queen of Indian stage, to portray her on cellular and justify her character is a Himalayan task for any actor. And the fact that I have, I have that on my shoulders, is a huge, huge, huge responsibility. And I need to give not only my 100% I think my 1,100% to it, and I will try to justify it and live up to people’s expectations. I’m going to start prepping for that post festivities,” confirms the actor.

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