Ritesh Agarwal Biography - Age, Wife, Family, Education, Success Story, Net Worth and More

Published:Jan 19, 202408:50
Ritesh Agarwal Biography - Age, Wife, Family, Education, Success Story, Net Worth and More
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First of all, I like to ask one question?                   

Have you booked rooms and what name comes in your mind when booking for rooms. Surely, it’s Oyo as the company is not a Name but a Big Brand.                           

It was all possible by an individual who researched all things to start Business at early age. I am here taking about the Founder and CEO of Oyo. So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Ritesh Agarwal Biography – Age, Wife, Family, Education, Success Story,  Net Worth and More

Ritesh Agarwal is a Popular Indian Young Entrepreneur. He is especially popular and known famously as the founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms. He started his business very young at 18 years of age and is the inspiration for many. Oyo Provides Quality Rooms with best Price.

Ritesh Agarwal Biography

Ritesh Agarwal Biography

Full Name Ritesh Agarwal
Born 16 November 1993
Age 30 as in 2024
Born Place Cuttack, Orissa, India
Profession Entrepreneur 
Height (approx) 170 cm
Weight (approx) 70 Kg
Eye Color Black 
Hair Color Black
Hobbies Swimming
Food diet Non-Vegetarian
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality Indian

 Ritesh Agarwal Wife

Ritesh Agarwal is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone. He is an inspiration to many and is having a busy schedule for making his business-wide and global across the world. He may have but much of information is personal and private. 

 Ritesh Agarwal Family

Ritesh Agarwal has his Mother, father and also has siblings but much his family members is not known as much of the information is personal and private. Ritesh Aggarwal Father does job in infrastructure Corporation and his mother is a housewife.
Ritesh Agarwal Education

School: Ritesh Agarwal did his school studies at St. Johns Senior Secondary School

College: Ritesh Agarwal Education Qualification is not regular as he was a college Dropout from the Indian School of Business and Finance. The University is located in Delhi.

Ritesh Agarwal Success Story

Ritesh Agarwal Success Story

Ritesh Agarwal is now known popularly for his Amazing Life Journey from being a college dropout to an Entrepreneur. At the age of young, he has widely expanded his business, where most students are in doubt of what to do in life.

Starting with his Childhood, he was born in Cuttak which is situated in Orissa. He was born to a Marwari Family. He studied form Sacred Heart school from his hometown. 

After Completing schooling he shifted to Kota for IIT Entrance exams. In Kota, Ritesh Agarwal with Learning also enjoyed traveling for places with his friends. From here only he writes a book A Complete Encyclopedia of Top 100 Engineering Collages. At age of 16, he was selected for Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Asian Science Camp in Mumbai. This was a campaign were many Asian Students talked about a special problem and so thier ideas to help grow Science and Technology.

Ritesh Agarwal was Also Studious to learn about Business ideas, startups. He also visited Business meetings held in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi and other states. He lived and stayed in hotels accordingly knowing his Budget. This was the reason one idea comed to his mind and started knowing all about it.

He was very satisfied with Airbnb company, which is an online marketplace & hospitality service brokerage company based in San Francisco.

With all his Planning he started Oravel Stays in 2012. Oravel Stays main necessity was to provide rooms with low costs which would be easily booked online from home or anywhere. He was all knowing to expand the company how to do funding and how to go further. Ritesh Agarwal was all knowing the knowledge to do Bussiness and this was the point he got Rs 20 Lakh Funding from Venture Nursery. This helped to grow but Oravel Stays was such company which provided rooms at low cost but quality was missing. All the People who booked room where not satisfied. This led to Oravel Stays to go down.

He was not allowed but he convinced all thing to the hotel manager to do all that. He faced many problems, rejections and undesired situations but never stopped his work.

After too much research, he then talked to many hotel owners about the business idea with them. His business idea was liked and the manager agreed with his idea. This while he used too many hotels and convince them to run online.

After Some time, Ritik Agarwal made quality rooms and so people keep believing, trusting to book a room from him. All were very impressed by the rooms provided by the Oyo rooms. This way now he is among the young entrepreneurs in India.

Ritesh Agarwal Net Worth

Ritesh Agarwal has an estimated Net Worth of approximately $612.1 Million. He is one of the young inspirations and this makes him the richest man in India. He is known to be rightest in India with his Company Oyo Rooms.

Some Facts About Ritesh Agarwal

  1. Ritesh Agarwal is known as the Second youngest Billionaire in India.
  2. He comes to know the meaning of Entrepreneur from Dictionary when he heard the word from his elder sister.
  3. Ritesh Agarwal was born in a Marwari Family background.
  4. At age of 16, he was selected for Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Asian Science Camp in Mumbai.
  5. He was Selected for Thiel Fellowship in 2013 when he was in college and so he drop out of college.
  6. He was not confident in his studies in his school days.
  7. Ritesh is among ones who achieved everything at a very early age than others struggle hard to get a job.
  8. Oyo Company Provides Rooms with Proper Lightning, Beds, bathrooms, LCD screen and more etc.
  9. Ritesh Agarwal failed to start with Oravel Stays but then Started Oyo Rooms.
  10. Oyo Company also emerged in other countries like China, Malaysia, Nepal, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and many more.

This was the Biography of Great Personality of Ritesh Agarwal, who had work so had in being a successful Bussiness person. He is an inspiration and motivation to many across the world. All really appreciate about his Successful Journey. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.

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