Into The Metaverse: Why Gaming Experience Could Level Up?

Published:Nov 22, 202323:51
Into The Metaverse: Why Gaming Experience Could Level Up?
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Metaverse, although having a “work-in-progress” status, has been stellar in the titular phase of mainstream technology. Thanks to the integration of IoT, 3D visualization, and blockchain technology, it’s trying to create an immersive visual experience for all of us. 

But how does it bode for the gaming segment? 

According to Meta and Epic Games, the Metaverse can be used by anyone and everyone. But, the gaming industry has adopted the same pretty efficiently and, thus, unlocked the benefits too. Hence, people, who were interested in online multiplayer games, are shifting to Meta. 

However, why is Metaverse getting so much hype all of a sudden, especially from the gaming enthusiasts? Is it going to re-enunciate the pre-existing format or replace it with something else? Let’s find out the answers to it. 

Metaverse - A Brief Introduction

Metaverse, in essence, is a virtual world that’s been designed to connect people from around the globe to socialize and interact. As an organization leveraging this project, you will need to use various technologies like - 

  • Augmented reality, 
  • 3D reconstruction, 
  • Artificial intelligence, 
  • IoT (Internet of Things), 
  • Blockchain, and 
  • Virtual reality. 

If we’re being honest, the persisting nature of the Metaverse seems more attractive to people than anything else. For example, even when you’re done with playing your session, the game does not stop. Thus, there’s no need to log in again when you are getting on the platform.

In any case, like any other title, you may also be able to download the Metaverse games from pirate bay. We’ll let you know more about it once we get the confirmation. 

Evolution Of Gaming - Before And After Metaverse 

Online gaming has been a revolution in the titular industry. It has changed the way we play or interact with a fictional character available in the game. Moreover, thanks to it, we have also become much more social and interactive even while playing. 

However, the core facet of online gaming is going to change and evolve even more following the introduction of the Metaverse. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Gaming Before The Introduction Of The Metaverse

Online gaming has always focused on socializing and being interactive more than anything else. You can take Fortnite as an example in this aspect. When you’re playing a duo or with a 4-person team, you’ll have to converse with each other consistently to win the match. 

Without proper discussion and strategizing, it’ll be nearly impossible to pull off anything in an online game, like battle royales or MOBAs.

Aside from this, gaming before Metaverse also used to focus more on visual representation than anything else. For example, the graphics of Fortnite are pretty impressive, and, with newer updates, Epic Games has been improving it even more.

Will the same happen in the gaming industry following the introduction of the Metaverse? Well, we’ll have to see about it. 

Gaming After The Introduction Of The Metaverse

Metaverse was created to revolutionize the world of digital experience from the core - and it has done the same with the gaming industry. Here’s how it's going to change what we know as a game as of now - 

  • Your character in a Metaverse game will be regulated through your unique avatar - the virtual representation of your real identity. It will live in the Metaverse platform just like you do in real life. 
  • Metaverse games will follow a play-to-earn concept. Hence, it will allow you to win virtual gaming products or items and sell them to others accordingly with real-world money. If you are capable enough, you can also make a career out of it. 
  • With Metaverse, you can bring your social media friends on the platform and enjoy the games together. Thanks to the VR and AR system, you will also be able to feel a lifelike experience while working together.
  • The games of the Metaverse will be interoperable. Therefore, you will be able to move your in-game items from one place to another without changing anything. You can also move the currencies you have bought from one account to another. 

Moving Forward With The Metaverse! 

As you can see, Metaverse is going to change the course of gaming within a few months of its introduction. So, what do you think about it? Do you think it will be welcoming enough for you? Don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below. 

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