How to Deal with a Penile Fracture: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Published:Nov 23, 202308:52
How to Deal with a Penile Fracture: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Let's Talk Sex Intercourse could permeate our in style tradition, however conversations about it are nonetheless related to stigma and disgrace in Indian households. In consequence, most people coping with sexual {health} points or looking for details about intercourse usually resort to unverified on-line sources or comply with the unscientific recommendation of their buddies.

To deal with the widespread misinformation about intercourse, is operating this weekly intercourse column, titled ‘Let’s Discuss Intercourse’. We hope to provoke conversations about intercourse by way of this column and tackle sexual {health} points with scientific perception and nuance.

The column is written by sexologist Prof (Dr) Saransh Jain. On this article, Dr Jain will clarify all about penile fracture, its causes, signs and accessible remedy choices.

When you’ve ever skilled a popping or cracking sound whereas your penis is erect, it’s necessary to hunt medical assist straight away. This might be an indication of a penile fracture, which is a severe damage. A penis fracture differs from different fractures within the physique as a result of the penis has no bones. However, you may ‘break’ your penis if it’s bent or hit whereas it’s erect.

What's a penile fracture?

Throughout an erection, your penis has two columns or cylinders which might be like sponges that fill with blood and make the penis onerous. One column is a corpus cavernosum and two are known as the corpora cavernosa. These columns are coated by a protecting layer known as the tunica albuginea. The tunica albuginea is the rubbery sheath of tissue under the pores and skin that permits the penis to extend in width and size to supply a agency erection. Your penis is taken into account ‘broken’ or ‘fractured’ when the tunica abulginea is torn open. Generally the erectile tissue beneath the tunica albuginea additionally ruptures.

What causes a penile fracture?

Penile fracture occurs when sudden trauma or bending of the penis breaks the tunica albuginea. Penile fractures most frequently happen throughout vigorous intercourse. It's usually believed that the most typical place the place these fractures happen is within the lady on prime place. However, penile fractures also can happen throughout intercourse in different positions.

As well as, penile fractures can happen throughout vigorous manipulation of the penis, reminiscent of forceful masturbation. They may also be attributable to trauma, together with from aggressive bending of the erect penis or by rolling over onto the erect penis.

On the time a penile fracture happens, there's normally a cracking or audible “popping” sound. It's generally described as just like breaking glass. Then the penis shortly loses its rigidity. That is shortly adopted by swelling and bruising, ensuing within the basic eggplant deformity. Different accidents to the arteries and veins of the penis can result in comparable signs.

What are the signs of penile fracture?

When you take a pointy blow to the genitals, your penis could also be sore or bruised. Penile fracture is a more extreme damage. The next signs are crimson flags for attainable fracture:

  • When it occurs, there's a popping or cracking sound.
  • Extreme ache that will or could not final.
  • Quick erection loss.
  • Bruising and swelling attributable to blood pooling beneath the pores and skin.
  • Blood within the urine or on the tip of the penis

How is penile fracture handled?

Penile fractures normally require surgical procedure. The surgeon will use stitches to shut the tear within the tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosum. The principle objectives of remedy are to revive or keep your capability to have erections and protect urinary operate.

Chances are you'll be hospitalised for a couple of days following penile fracture surgical procedure. After surgical procedure, the fracture will take months to totally heal. Comply with-up visits can be scheduled to make sure that the wound is therapeutic correctly and that you're not having urination issues. You could endure further testing and probably imaging research to:

  • assess blood move
  • test on the progress of therapeutic
  • study the veins and arteries within the penis

You shouldn’t have intercourse for not less than a month after surgical procedure. Ask your physician what you are able to do to help in therapeutic the damage. Your counsellor will discuss with you about when you may return to work and when you may return to sexual exercise.

What are the chance elements & learn how to stop it?

Though penis fracture may result from damage throughout any place in sexual activity, sure practices enhance the chances. In heterosexual males, the woman-on-top place will increase your threat. When the penis is momentarily blocked on the entrance to the vagina, the lady’s full weight can forcefully bend the erection. The lady may rock too far ahead or backward, bending the shaft of the penis. The rear-entry place can be related to penile accidents.

To keep away from penile accidents, ensure there's enough lubrication throughout intercourse and watch out throughout vigorous or “hard” penetrative intercourse. Additionally, keep away from making an attempt to pressure your erect penis into tight underwear or rolling over on an erection in mattress. Any sudden pressure exerted on an erect penis might trigger damage, main or minor.


Though it’s a fairly uncommon damage, a penile fracture could be a scary factor. When you’re unfortunate sufficient to undergo from one, although, don’t fear there's remedy accessible and you'll get well absolutely.

Penile fracture is a medical emergency. When you suppose you’ve fractured your penis, go to your native emergency companies. Outcomes are considerably higher when handled inside 24 hours of the damage. There’s no should be embarrassed and also you shouldn’t hesitate to get assist. Treatment is out there and you may make a full restoration. After surgical procedure to restore the penis, most males regain the flexibility to have erections and report general satisfaction with their intercourse life.

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