The history of Yu-Gi-Oh Online

Published:Nov 22, 202323:05
The history of Yu-Gi-Oh Online

In case you watched early morning tv again within the mid-2000s, there is a good likelihood you'd have caught the Yu-Gi-Oh present. Since then, it is boomed within the West to turn out to be a duelling competitors in actual life, with tournaments and buying and selling playing cards being held ever since.

This even included me, as I started as an web duelist in 2006 in direction of the start of Yu-Gi-Oh! Online’s life. The sport launched again in 2005 and it had a fantastic following till its eventual shut in 2012. Over seven years I used to be engrossed within the sport, investing tons of of my very own {dollars} into it, which after its discontinuation, was rendered nugatory.

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