Radha Decides To Accompany Gungun

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Gungun requests Radha to return with them as it will be quite a lot of enjoyable, Damini angrily replies Radha can not go together with them, Gungun query what’s her drawback as neither Mohan nor Radha can go together with them, Tulsi wonders what’s going on in her thoughts as she is in opposition to the whole lot, Damini explains there can be quite a lot of kinds to fill in English so how would she be capable to do it, she noticing Mohan is livid explains Radha would possibly get confused, Damini wonders if the particular person is making a bomb as why is it taking so lengthy. Ketki agrees to go together with the youngsters when Mohan asks if she is bound, Ketki replies as a result of there may be somebody here who doesnot need to see her face, Kadambari questions if they’ve gotten right into a struggle, Mohan mentions it’s breaking news since each Ketki and Rahul bought in a struggle. Kadambari stops Mohan.

Radha asks if Ketki is bound she would be capable to deal with all the youngsters, Ketki replies she would certainly deal with the whole lot, Radha wonders if she goes with Gungun then wouldn’t be capable to get the proof in opposition to the actual wrongdoer. The legal manages to activate the bomb so he alerts Damini, she exclaims if the youngsters have taken some contemporary air then they will go to the bus. Tulsi requests Gungun to not go away since there’s something incorrect. Radha exclaims that since Gungun goes to do such a pleasant factor they’d break the coconut. Radha tries to hit the coconut nevertheless it doesnot break, Kaveri questions what’s she doing, Ajit exclaims Radha should know that the coconut ought to break within the third try in any other case it will be a nasty signal, Mohan exclaims she is the daughter of a Pandit and would do it quickly, Radha lifts her had when Mohan kneels in entrance of her putting his hand on the coconut, everyone seems to be shocked whereas Radha begins observing him, he alerts her to put her hand again when he makes use of his energy to interrupt the coconut, Radha begins smiling nevertheless Damini is livid. Gungun exclaims when Radha and Mohan are collectively, they’re all the time a success. Mohan notices the banner within the entrance of the bus so stops the peon asking why the varsity picnic banner is there, as the youngsters are going for a contest. The peon explains since all of the features come on the identical time which is why the banner was left on the bus. Radha thinks how she is feeling that Gungun shouldn’t go alone and there’s a drawback, Tulsi requests Radha to cease Gungun.

Ketki informs Rahul how they’ve been collectively since their college days and by no means bought in a struggle however when he befriended Damini, they fought for the primary time. She will get into the bus requesting him to consider it.

Gungun hugs Radha earlier than heading into the bus and when she turns the dupatta of Radha gest caught in her bag, Tulsi requests Radha to cease Gungun as one thing unhealthy is about to occur, she should hearken to the signal of Bihari jee.

Damini is glad Radha just isn’t going with Gungun as it’s her report that she is ready to save Gungun from any drawback, Gungun nevertheless just isn’t capable of take away the dupatta which irritates Damini who pulls it out wishing Gungun better of luck, Mohan can be excited. Radha hears the driving force beginning the bus however she stands in entrance of it, Mohan goes asking what’s she doing when Radha exclaims she would additionally go together with Gungun, everyone seems to be shocked asking what’s the purpose. Radha explains since Ketki is alone then she won’t be capable to deal with so many youngsters, Gungun is worked up nevertheless Damini is livid. Tulsi exclaims she is glad Radha understood there may be some drawback so she should deal with Gungun and herself.

Radha after sitting within the bus requests the youngsters to chant the slogans when Mohan stops the peon as he tries to run away explaining that it’s his duty to accompany the youngsters, the peon explains he simply needs to examine the tire stress. Radha comes asking what’s going on, Mohan explains there’s something bizarre about this particular person nevertheless Radha assures he’s at fault, Mohan inquires if she is asking him psychological however Radha replies this isn’t what she meant however is barely saying he has gotten suspicious of everybody after what occurred yesterday evening, she assures him that she would deal with Gungun. Mohan agrees suggesting she also needs to deal with herself. Mohan exclaims that it was not good when Radha begins arguing with him asking why would she name him psychological however means he’s actually clever and good one that is even fats, Mohan will get shocked asking if she is saying he bought fats when Radha questions why would she need to get punished after calling him fats.

Mohan notices the peon smiling at him so instructs him to go inside if the whole lot has ended, Damini alerts him to run away nevertheless he’s pressured to enter the bus which has a bomb in it, Mohan needs the youngsters who go away within the bus. Damini exclaims why does Radha need to go contain her toes in her each plan however she has to vary her plan however would win this time, Mohan questions who would win. Damini nevertheless will get tensed so Damini exclaims she was saying Gungun would win, Mohan leaves her with a smile.

Damini exclaims if Radha has gone with Gungun, then she would possibly save her so she has to name the particular person and alter the plan.

Damini is shocked seeing Kaveri standing in entrance of her, Kaveri exclaims Damini is unquestionably doing one thing after the beating she bought from Kaveri, Damini questions why she not understands there may be nothing occurring as she solely needs to marry Mohan and would do something for it.

Tulsi coming from behind the door exclaims Damini wouldn’t do something after the beating she bought yesterday so she simply prays Radha and Gungun ought to be save, she thinks of doing the duty of Radha which is to seek out the proof in opposition to Damini.

Damini in her room wonders why she will get such individuals who all the time are inclined to wreck her plan as he himself went contained in the bus with the bomb, the legal wonders what if he additionally dies with the bomb and so is absolutely scared.

Damini thinks if Radha finds out concerning the bomb, she would certainly inform Mohan, he after that can throw her out of his life. Kadambari touches her shoulder due to which she will get shocked.

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