Om Shanti Om Bollywood Movie Reaction Post

Published:Nov 22, 202321:44
Om Shanti Om Bollywood Movie Reaction Post

Whats up, everybody! My title is Kayla and that is my good friend, Sumedha. Whereas we might dwell far aside (me in America and her in India) and lead very completely different lives, there's one factor that bonds us collectively: our love for films.

So, after I informed Sumedha that I had by no means seen a Bollywood film earlier than, she instantly sought to appropriate that by making me watch one among her favorites, Om Shanti Om. And y'all, I used to be so not ready for the curler coaster experience that was this film.

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The film follows Om, an aspiring actor who's tragically murdered in a hearth. Nonetheless, 30 years later, he is reincarnated into the current day. Om then makes an attempt to get revenge on his assassin and discover Shanti, the love of his earlier life.

Fortunately, I had Sumedha to reply the entire questions that got here up throughout my viewing! Let's get began!

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1. Do all Bollywood films begin with huge musical numbers???

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Reply: Sure! They really emulate actual life as a result of Indians like to start out their mornings with a correct tune and dance routine. Here is an instance.

2. Did Om actually suppose his title was the one factor holding him again from turning into well-known?

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Reply: Since that is Bollywood, when you've got a reputation like Timothée Chalamet, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Omprakash Makhija, your possibilities of turning into well-known are bleak. 

3. Why was Om so comfy with professing his like to an actress on a billboard in PUBLIC?!

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Reply: Our man doesn't draw back from some PDA*

*So long as the article of his affection is inanimate. 

4. What was the importance of the string Omi’s mother wrapped round his wrist?

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5. Is that this typical Bollywood premiere pink carpet style?

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Reply: Hell yeah! Sorry, however our trendy actors may give Björk a run for her cash.

6. Do you actually have ceiling followers in your theaters?

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Reply: We do! Most of our actors are extremely scorching and attractive, so we have to hold fanning ourselves infrequently. Since hand-held followers usually are not allowed inside theaters, we've to make do with ceiling followers.

7. The place can I purchase these unbelievable purple and pink tennis matches?

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Reply: She was in all probability very ill-behaved and imply IRL.

9. Did I simply get transported into one other film?? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!

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Reply: I believe this scene was added into the movie simply so our boy Om may struggle a stuffed tiger and name it "Naughty Pussy."

10. Is pushing your hair again the final word Indian fuck boy image?

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Reply: Sure. This sign was the final word chick magnet within the '70s. Like, "Hey! Look at how nicely combed and oiled my hair is. I'm about to destroy your mental health with my perfect hair."

11. Is there a significance to the snow globe Shanti provides Omi?

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Reply: The snow globe truly has nothing to do with snow. It is mainly Om promising Shanti that he'll nonetheless love her if she will get flaky dandruff.

12. How did Pappu and Omi arrange this elaborate date location with such little time?

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Reply: Possibly they did occasion administration as a facet gig and have been *actually* good at it? IMO, they need to have caught to this as a result of they have been clearly failing at their performing careers.

13. Did the actors sing their very own songs on this film?

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Reply: In the event that they did, this film can be banned in 195 nations on this planet.

14. Are brilliant and colourful costumes thought of a Bollywood staple?

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Reply: Most of our movies are sponsored by paint firms, so that is only a manner of showcasing their best-selling colors. 

15. Why is that this the second time Omi is creepily listening to Mukesh and Shanti’s dialog? Doesn’t he have hobbies?

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Reply: He does have hobbies — eavesdropping tops the listing. 

If it have been as much as me, this movie would have been known as "Om Sneaky Om."


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Reply: I imply, you need to admire the resourcefulness of this man. He determined to make do with a pocket lighter.

17. Why does this fireplace look cartoonishly pretend?

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Reply: Enjoyable truth: This film was initially alleged to be India's first animated characteristic, however the editor give up halfway as a consequence of inventive variations. The producers then determined to show it right into a live-action movie with Shah Rukh Khan taking part in the male protagonist as an alternative of merely voicing him. Nonetheless, some clips from the preliminary animated model ended up within the precise film. 

And my trivia was simply as pretend as the hearth.


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Reply: I am telling you — if Bollywood films have been made within the UK, they'd every be a TV present with not less than three seasons.

19. So was the teasing to start with of the film foreshadowing, as Rajesh Kapoor did technically turn out to be Om’s father?

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Reply: I assume they took the phrase "like father, like son" to an entire different degree.

20. Is it frequent for the primary character of a film to be known as “the hero” in Bollywood?

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Reply: Sure, as a result of all that plenty of Bollywood "heroes" do is swoop in, flex their muscular tissues, and assist a film earn billions due to their sheer presence. No performing required :)

21. Why does the "Distress Disco" tune slap so laborious?

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Reply: As a result of Shah Rukh Khan's abs come completely free with it. Additionally, you had me at "Distress Disco."

I suppose it is solely honest for me to hearken to it for the 21,one hundred and sixty fifth time.

22. Do loads of Bollywood movies concentrate on the idea of reincarnation?

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Reply: They do, just because including an extra famous person to the forged might be extraordinarily costly.

23. Are you able to not curse in Bollywood films? Are you not allowed to basically or is it only a case-by-case foundation?

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Reply: We've got a Central Board of Movie Certification that is a tad bit delicate about this stuff and likes awarding "A" Certificates (the Indian equal of Rated R) the way in which Oprah likes making a gift of automobiles.

Additionally, most of Shah Rukh Khan's films and dialogues are very fashionable amongst youngsters, so think about 4-year-old Indian kids dropping a "What the fuck?!" at each minor inconvenience.

24. Did this man simply pull a gun out at an awards present?!?!?!

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25. How did Mukesh not acknowledge the similarities between the film scene and the evening he MURDERED somebody?!

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Reply: Properly, let's simply say that his reminiscence light as shortly as the color of his hair and eyebrows.

26. Why do all of the buildings on this film catch on hearth?? Are all of them extraordinarily flammable or one thing?

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Reply: I've a really sturdy feeling that this film was written by a pyromaniac.

27. And at last, when can I watch this once more?!?!

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Reply: To that, I would say, "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!" :D

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