13 Facts About Asian Serial Killers

Published:Nov 22, 202321:58
13 Facts About Asian Serial Killers

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1. Japan's notorious serial killer, Takahiro Shiraishi aka "Twitter Killer", supplied suicide pacts to 9 depressed ladies earlier than murdering and dismembering their our bodies. He's sentenced to dying and but hopes to "meet a normal girl and get married" sometime.

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3. The infamous Chinese language serial killer, Huang Yong, had saved belts of 17 young boys as souvenirs after he drugged, raped, and murdered his victims.

4. In India, Mohan Kumar aka "Cyanide Mohan" would lure harmless younger ladies into marrying him and homicide them the very subsequent day by giving them contraception drugs laced with cyanide. Though Mohan is accused of killing 20 ladies, he's convicted and sentenced to life for five murder cases.

6. Yoon Sung-yeo, an individual with a incapacity, was wrongly convicted by a district court docket in South Korea over the murders and rape of 14 ladies, together with a 13-year-old teenager. After witnessing Sung spending twenty years in jail, the real killer Lee Chun-jae took pity and confessed to his crimes.

7. The Iranian newspapers dubbed Saeed Hanaei's murders because the "Spider Killings" as a result of, just like a spider trapping a fly in its web, Hanaei used to lure intercourse employees into his home, strangle them with their scarves, after which dump their our bodies subsequent to open sewers.

8. A Pakistani court sentenced Javed Iqbal, a assassin of 100 boys, to be choked with an iron chain and be maimed and dissolved in acid like the best way he'd slaughtered all his victims prior to now.

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Nonetheless, earlier than Javed might be punished, he died mysteriously in a jail cell on October 8, 2001.

10. In Singapore, a tutor and her pupil were rescued by a robber after his fellow confederate, Sek Kim Wah, scared him together with his sudden rage killing. Later, Kim Wah was recognized as a serial killer when he confessed to murdering two more individuals, an unlawful bookmaker and a bar hostess, whose our bodies he dumped on the Seletar Reservoir.

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